Please give atleast this much permission!

As per the system as you level up you gain the power here in the forum, but my concern is please give atleast the privilege to delete our own topic atleast, I’m not talking about only me but to everybody.
According to me it’s very bad that we cannot delete our own topic!
Please consider my suggestion!!!

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Hello @anon69070806,

You can delete your topic by clicking on the “more” on the first post’s options. Now, you will see a “delete” button.

Here is a link that will help you gaining trust levels:

Thanks for understanding!

I know this brother but I do not have the permission to do so!
That’s what I am suggesting that they should give everybody the permission to delete their own topic atleast!

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Aren’t you a trust level 2 user? I am also and I have the option to delete my topic!:


You can edit your individual posts as needed. If there is a specific thread you need deleted, you can ask the moderators. We respond pretty quickly to flags raised.

That said, we do ask members to reconsider the request to delete threads where other members have invested time and effort in providing information that other members may find useful.

If you want to delete everything posted under your forum account, we can fully anonymize and close your account.


That’s a good point. I have seen many topics deleted right when someone is going to post a helpful reply. It’s really a bad thing to do.

I am trust level 2 user but I don’t have permission!!!

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Yeah You’re right I’ll remember it!
But the post I wanted to delete was not relevant or informative

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Are you talking about a topic you created or a reply you gave to a topic? A screenshot will be helpful.

By trust level 2, I mean, the member trust level.

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I mean topic!!
This thing confuses me!
Yes I’m trust level 2 member!

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Please give a screenshot.

If nothing helps, please contact the moderators.

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If someone has replied to your topic or it is an old topic, you need to contact a moderator to have it deleted. We’ll respond to any flags quickly.

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