Please give feedback on first project - Tribute Page for Aphex Twin

I would love to hear your feedback on the tribute page that I have created for the project.

I opted for a dark color palette and some glitch images/animations that I created, in order to reflect the subject matter. I have also tried my best to have a coherent visual flow throughout the page.

Please tell me where I can improve and how I can do things differently so as to make it visually more appealing.

Thank you!

Link -

( The pen is about music, so the artist’s soundcloud is embeded on autoplay to act as background while you read and help set a rhythm along with the glitch gif animations. If you find it distracting, please mute or lower your volume. )

No feedback? :frowning:

There are many things I think I can improve in terms of design and layout but my inexperienced self cant seem to put a finger on what exactly. I thought some of you could chime in and help, as group discussions result in a better end produce.

Or maybe I am just thinking too much about this first project and should move on to next set of lessons for JavaScript. :smile:


I’ve only looked at the mobile version, but it looks nice. Well-structured and clean. Good work.
I’ll admit that I was worried that dude was dead when I saw the tribute to him.

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Thank you, really appreciate you taking the time to have a look. As someone new to web dev, it is kinda hard to know where I stand without some type of feedback.

And I did not consider that I was only supposed to use information of dead people for this exercise. :no_mouth:


Edit: After reading your reply, I tested the page on mobile view, and the grid time-line was stacking badly rather than showing up side by side, went ahead and fixed that. :blush: It should look better now, even on mobile. Thanks!