Please give feedback on my portfolio

I have finally completed my portfolio project. I really enjoyed this project and feel I am really comfortable with flex and grid now. I also finally understand positive and relative positions.

I would probably redo some of my previous projects differently now I’m more comfortable with these concepts but am eager to move on to javascript.


That is a really unique portfolio Ray. A couple suggestions:

The typewriter effect is good but may be a bit overdone at this point. But if you keep it, put an overlay on the background image as the text on the image is hard to read, it’s too busy. You can add a semi-opaque color on top and add some drop shadows on the text or something to make the text more legible.

But I really like this. It is different than pretty much anything I’ve seen for a beginner. Well done.

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I think you could still move onto javascript and then revisit these projects later if you want to. After I finished the responsive design exercises I went straight into javascript and worked on the responsive projects while learning javascript.

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Thank you @twhite96. I have added an inset shadow to the background image to darken the image. I did have a slight text shadow before but it wasn’t working too well.

Hopefully reads better now.

Yeah I am really keen to get into real programming languages. Things like that bother me, but I’m trying to get over it as I doubt any of them projects will be showcased as actual portfolio projects if I ever get “job-ready”.

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Hey @rsheppard83. Wow! This is so cool and your font choice blends well with the theme. Yet, try these points to improve your project:

  • I like smooth scrolling a lot. So, add html { scroll-behavior: smooth } to your CSS code. Now, click on the anchor links on your header and notice the cool scrolling effect.
  • Try centering the “My Skills” section.

Anyway, I like that about me section a lot. Very good and best of luck in your JavaScript course.


I wouldn’t worry about jobs right now. Just enjoy the learning process and diving into your first programming language. After you finish the javascript and front end section then you can start building your own projects.

Happy coding!

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Thank you @paulsontech. I added the scroll-behavior line but didn’t notice the change; it may be my browser doesn’t support it, although it should as I use Chrome. Be interested if it works for others.

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Hey @rsheppard83. The reason the smooth scrolling isn’t working is because you didn’t add that property to the existing html selector. Add scroll-behavior: smooth; to the html, body rules and it will work.


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