Please give feedback to my tribute page

kindly please provide me feedback on my first tribute page.

apologies for the content, i’m trying to do two things at the same time.

thanks in advance

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Hi @nfabro,

HTML inspector:

  • ‘class"col-xs-12"’ is not a valid attribute of the <div> element ( you need an “equal” sign ):
<div class"col-xs-12">

  • typo, the class ‘.col-12’ not found in any stylesheet ( the problem is the dot):
<div class=".col-12">

  • You can use an address element (more descriptive):
<footer class="text-center card-body">
  <p>Posted by: Noel Fabro</p>
  <p>Contact information: <a href=""></a></p>

MDN documentation:

The HTML <address> element supplies contact information for its nearest <article> or <body> ancestor; in the latter case, it applies to the whole document.

Usage notes

  • To represent an arbitrary address, one that is not related to the contact information, use a <p> element rather than the <address> element.
  • This element should not contain more information than the contact information, like a publication date (which belongs in a element).
  • Typically an <address> element can be placed inside the <footer> element of the current section, if any.


    You can contact author at <a href=""></a>.<br>
    If you see any bugs, please <a href="">contact webmaster</a>.<br>
    You may also want to visit us:<br>
    Mozilla Foundation<br>
    1981 Landings Drive<br>
    Building K<br>
    Mountain View, CA 94043-0801<br>

Cheers and happy coding :slight_smile:

@erretres thank you very much for taking the time and having a look at my code and for corrections and advice! it is very much appreciated! :slight_smile: i learned something new today! yey!

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