Please give me a feedback/advice

Hi there!

I’ve just finished the Survey Form Project, and i need your feedback/advice to make it better. I’m glad you spent some time for it and thank you a lot. :slight_smile:


Hi, I must say good work, you applied to your project what you learned in previous lessons. for improvements you should the make form color darker and reduce it’s transparency. you can change background image, the stones in it are distracting viewers eyes. I think you have extra </fieldset> tag at the end of your code. Also color submit button such that it different from rest the of page

Hi, thank you for your advices. I fixed the (there were no opening tag) and the Submit button has a baackground color now.:slight_smile:
I chose an other background for the project, that you can see here:

Take a look at that if you’re intrested :smiley:

PS: i opened both projects on my smartphone too. There looks a little different. Later i will fixed them too:)

great ! the submit button is still the color as of the form it should be different, I feel little harsh to my eyes background color, it should be darker

Hey, it is really good. Although, I suggest using a proper background and fonts.
I will agree with the comment by @ ghulamshabirbaloch. The stones can be distracting here. Also, the fonts are not mixing well.

There are no stones anymore:

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I just checked it…!! Looks great now.

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