Please give me feedback for my cv

feedback please

I think you need a real CV, a pdf file. And be careful with the colors - if they have to print this out, that’s going to go through a lot of toner.

What does “Space Lover” have to do with anything? A hiring manager has this land on their desk and they have to decide what pile to put it in. What pile does “Space Lover” go in? You should be offering a job title here. Make it as easy as possible for the hiring manager. Don’t give them a scavenger hunt.

The About section should be telling them what kind of position you are after. Make it as easy as possible for the hiring manager. "I am a web developer specializing in … I live in … but am willing to relocate or work remotely…

…some skills and a lot of experience in my domain.

How can you have some skills but a lot of experience.


Successful working in a team environment, as well as independently

is a meaningless platitude. It reminds me of an auto shop that had a sign, “We specialize in foreign and domestic.” Wait, isn’t that everything? I think they don’t understand what “specialize” means. Basically you’re saying that you’re always successful. And it’s meaningless anyway since everyone will say this. This is wasted space. And not a complete sentence.

Your competencies - get rid of the progress bars. This isn’t a video game. And the bars don’t even mean anything since there is no objective standard. Learners are really bad at judging where they are. Just list your competencies. List anything where you are at least beyond a beginner. All the libraries, paradigms, categories. You could list 20-30 things here. Those are things that the hiring manager will be looking for. This is one of the most important sections on your resume.

Your Fest cert - if it isn’t programming, don’t list it, unless you are trying to get a job involved with those.

In your Education, what did you learn there? That’s all they care about.

They don’t care about your hobbies.

Do you have a portfolio? Do you have some links to projects? That is one of the most important things for which they will be looking.

There is a lot of wasted space here. This is your chance to sell yourself and you don’t take advantage of all this space. I don’t think you should cram it in and definitely shouldn’t have meaningless fluff, but I also think you should use this to sell yourself. I would want to see a lot more of your competencies and some sample projects with some explanation of

Your English is very good, but you should have a native English speaker proofread. (Heck, I’m a native speaker and I still have someone proofread mine.)

At the risk of yet more shameless self-promotion, I once wrote up a doc with advice on getting first job. There is a lot of discussion of CVs.

Spend some time looking at other people’s CVs, see what they do.

Thank you for this review I really appreciate that

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