Please, give me feedback for my first PWA

Hello everyone, recently I finish my mvp for my first Progressive Web Apps. That would be nice if I could get some feedback about my app. It’s a simple note app build with vue Js and the Quasar Framework.

Here is the pwa :

And the source code :

Thanks you !

Happy coding :grin:

Great job so far! It looks very clean, comes off professional! I really like that you can use it like a word processor and highlight words to change the formatting. I like that you can update the title or create it without one. It also has an undo and redo button that is a great touch! I also enjoy that you can save the notes and have an intuitive interface to delete items and flag them.

I think it might make sense to have the title default to untitled if it does not change. I was also disappointed that the font size was global instead of per highlighted text. I downloaded the app and I noticed that the install banner remained. This should probably not be in the installed version if possible. After creating a note, pressing the back button feels odd to me. I want to naturally click to the right for some reason, or even be able to press ctrl + enter to save and go back. As you add more notes, you start to get lost. Perhaps a search and filter method should be implemented along with a way to sort out the results.

Overall I think you did a great job though! Keep up the hard work and dedication!

Edit: I didn’t see the search at first glance!

Thanks you for the feedback !
The editor is a built-in Quasar component, I add the font size button myself and will improve it to work ok highlighted text. For the install banner it shouldn’t show up on the installed version, I will take a look.

Have a nice day @mnichols08 !

The design is lacking and comes off as confusing. Why do I enter titles and navigate at the bottom? Why is the content area a floating square on an unused background of the page? The bottom navigation makes sense only when I begin to edit a note.

Other than that I like it! UI elements are a little small on my screen. Small laptop screen with a high resolution. There is plenty of unused screen space.

Thanks you for the feedback,
I designed the app for small screen like phone with accessible button on the bottom. I will probably rework the design for large screen because as you have seen currently everything is in a floating square for simplicity.
Thanks again @Emgo-Dev