Please give me feedback on some SVG tower defense graphics

I am going to make a tower defense out of DOM, SVG, HTML, and CSS.
Can you please give me feedback and possibly suggestions on the enemy graphics:

and the tower graphics:

Thanks. Be sure to suggest some enemies or towers I could add.

Very cool and impressive work!

I guess it depends on what style you’re going for. I personally kind of like the more “iconic” style, so the graphics with bright colors and distinct shapes work for me.

I wonder if it would be possible to create different weapon types for the towers. It seems to me that all of them are basically just “guns”–some have less guns, some more guns. What about other types of shapes? Catapults, arrows, shurikens, even animals and people, things like that. In the game, it would be easier to distinguish between them at a glance.

Thanks for the kind feedback. If you look at the first row, the towers go in order from a basic turret to a fully upgraded one.

You can read the names of each tower in the code.

I am adding some more enemies like maybe technological dragons, shielded enemies, bigger tanks, and more.

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