Please give me some feedback for this HTML5 game

Hi. I made a web HTML5 game several months ago.
Currently, it’s kinda early phase of the game, but just want to know what you guys think.

Play online -
Repository -

I can start the game with my mouse but, when it’s loaded im stuck and can’t make the blue puppet move :frowning:

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You can move it with w, a, s, d key.

How was i suppose to know when playing your game?
If you search
extra credits game design
They teach you allot about, game design :slight_smile: and how it connect to players

Please include a “How to play” guide somewhere, or a small introductory thing in which the commands are explained.

Without knowing, it can be difficult to start.

I just tried starting, I have not tried playing for more than half a minute, so it is just feedback on starting.

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Yeah. I think I should do that first. Thanks!