Please give reviews

Hi this my profile link please give me feedback on my pens. I really need some feedback to improvise my self in coding Thank you so much

try changing the font color or background color to make the text more readable also use big bold fonts to cover more of white spaces.
Also move the test script at bottom of code so , rest of code can run fast.
google font

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I can see its the first attempt to write this portfolio page and its kinda messy right now but don’t worry too much about it. The first time, when you have no clear image in your head how it should look like, it ends up like this.

Here my recommendations to restart on a good and clear path:
1st - start a new pen;
2nd - write your html structure in such a way to fulfill as many user stories, that will pass the tests, as you can without even writing a line of css code;
3rd - make your preview window like 400px in width and then start adding css code to your page to make it look good on that width;

4th - start increase the preview code width and watch your content. When you feel something looks wrong write a media query for that width point and fix only whats needed;
5th - when you feel you need help just ask.

Do not overcomplicate things. Simple, clear, easy is the best. You can come back to this portfolio page later and change it with new content, ideas, etc but it would be much easier to do it if the structure is well defined and YOU CAN UNDERSTAND IT EVEN AFTER SIX MONTHS AFTER WRITING IT
Good luck and happy coding.

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Your tribute page for Bhagat Singh does not display image of Bhagat Singh.
I liked your todo app. But checkbox gets blurred and also make the project responsive :slight_smile:

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thanks a lot for helping me

thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge i am going to start making it new and little more clear