Please help - Assertion Error with Zombie.js

I’m having some problems with the final two challenges for MochaChai in the QA certification.

Here is my code

Basically it seems like Zombie.js is unable to open the link I am giving it, and I get the error: AssertionError [ERR_ASSERTION]: No open window with an HTML document

Could it be to do with this:

In the example code, the done callback is used without parentheses for the suite setup function. However for me this causes the test to timeout, so I added them. I don’t really understand why that is necessary.

Thanks in advance,


There have been multiple threads on this topic recently in the forums. Try those recommendations and note that the examples that are at root level in the tests must be at root level and that the async code needs done() calls in several places.

Thanks Jeremy, that helped a bit. Strangely, the problem I’m having now is that the suite setup hook is timing out because of the first suite (Functional tests). When I comment out those first tests everything works fine - although the FCC tests fail.

I can’t for the life of me understand why the first suite is causing the second suite to timeout. Every single test has a done(). I’m losing my mind on this one.

Okay, I solved it by just doing the challenge locally. Must be a problem with Replit.

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