Please help|| Hashing Your Passwords

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The error I am getting is:

BCrypt should be correctly required and implemented.

even though I have bcrypt properly in my dependencies and required. I have also edited as instructed the following pieces of code commenting with // the code replaced.

  //if (password !== user.password) { return done(null, false); }
      if (!bcrypt.compareSync(password, user.password)) { return done(null, false); }


                        //{username: req.body.username,
                         //password: req.body.password},
                    var hash = bcrypt.hashSync(req.body.password, 12);
                    {username: req.body.username,
                     password: hash},

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Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, stat ‘/app/views/pug/index’
is what i get when opening your project

It looks like yesterday FCC performed some work on their servers due to the increase in the number of people accessing FCC. I have also noted some of ENOENT errors appearing. Please check it again, it works now

Thank you!