Please help, im really fustrated

Hello, I have been having a big problem for the past two or three weeks trying to create my own portfolio using Vue.js and Bootstrap SASS. However, I’ve been stuck fixing errors and haven’t been able to write normal code for a week now. I’m starting to feel discouraged and feel like I’m not good enough for this.

Fixing bugs (errors) is a BIG part of the job actually. :sweat_smile:

Yeah, coding new features is definitely fun, but if you lose the sense of fun when you’re fixing some stuff (debugging), then you’re missing the point of the real fun in software development.

Also, the ability to have the patience to search through the docs, tech blogs, forums for a solution to the issue that you’re having is another skill set required in software development.

So, if these kind of stuff is not fun for you, then you really need to reconsider your priorities. :beers:

P.S. To lessen the mental load of the issue that you’re trying to solve, try to “put them on paper”. Create a document about the issue you’re having a hard time fixing, then post it on forums related to the tech you’re using, most likely than not somebody will help you fix it.

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Thanks buddy :+1:, will do exactly as yiu have said

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