Please help! Ive been stuck here for a while....thanks in advance

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function functionWithArgs(param1, param2) 

{console.log (1+2, 7+9 );}


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Challenge: Passing Values to Functions with Arguments

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change this

same error. Can you please be more detailed?

what u need to print

function functionWithArgs(p1,p2){


it will print 1 2

not working :sob: :crying_cat_face: :cry:

can u send me the error

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Thank you for understanding.


3 16


should output


. // tests completed // console output 3 16
i have the outputs … but i get the errors anyways…

you need to print the sum of the two numbers inputted in the function

but you need to do that using the function parameters

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Thanks guys… you really are awesome… gathering ideas from you and ive been able to sort myself out.
To the future :nerd_face:

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