PLEASE HELP - Looking for front end developer solution

to avoid missing of SAAS Files where front end developer forgets to upload the SAAS files to server and later formats the pc and doesn’t remember or even forgets to push to git
i want our front end developers to work direclty on the server like how our php developers work directly on server using ssh
so how do i make front end devs to do that too ? when i asked the html front end developrs who are just converting XD using js and css to HTML the saas file compiling cannot be done on the server so i am looking for a solution which can be installed on a webserver or even a development server so that the work is strictly done on the server

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The only thing I can think of would be to auto upload the sass file to the server using whatever FTP you use. Or auto deploy from git. It’s just part of the job though.

thanks trey but the whole point is that the devs forget to push and one dev just forgot to push for 2days and then his pc was taken over by ransomware so the best for us and safest is to let the front end developers work on the server itself but as you know they cannot compile on server

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