Please help me find the right selector

Hi there. I am working on as Squarespace site and need help placing a background image on a specific part the index page. For the life of me, I can’t find the right selector or figure out how to do this.

Here is the trial site (just click on guest access).

I am trying to put this image in the background of the “Menu” part of the index page only. The index is parallax.

I am pretty sure I have the background image part right, which is this:

selector?? {
background-image: !important url(“”);

Thanks for your help!!

I used right click-> inspect element to pull up the HTML on the page, and I think you want it applied to the <section> tag with the ID menu. To do this, it’s simply
section#menu { background-image: !important url(“”); }

Tell me if that works for you!

Tags like div and section are selected just by typing div and selection . You can select an ID by prefacing with a #, and a class with a ..

So, if you want to select all the ID’s menu, #menu will work. If you want ONLY divs with that ID, you can select them like div#menu. If the class was menu and not the ID, you would use

Thanks for your reply. Doesn’t seem to work. That section seems to have a div number: id=“yui_3_17_2_1_1529616216187_515”. There is also a parallax number. Do I need to specify the unique div number?

Thanks for your patience, as I am a novice at CSS.

OK, #menu seems to work when I change just the color! So I know that works now, but I can’t get the background to work.

I figured it out. Only single quotes work for the background image CSS, not double.