Please help me for the CSS media queries

Hello everyone, I am developing a site for my class project, and now I am encountering a big problem to make it adjustable for small screens (phones), I was advised to use bootstrap, but I I have already finished the project, I wonder if someone can help me adapt it, here is the link to download the files from the site it only contains CSS and HTML files I can’t post the link for the file please add mediafire;com/ to the following text and download it /file/8vojsj8mwg7rv2q/

please help me to solve this problem

Hey, Unable to open the link which you’ve provided.
If possible then please post the link again to download the project file. I could help you to make your project responsive.

Thnaks , but am not able to post here , they said that is impossible to post such a link , can you contact me in gmail (

www;mediafire;com/file/8vojsj8mwg7rv2q/ please remove the ; and add . instead of it