PLEASE help me me with Build a Technical Documentation Page project

link to mine. someone please tell me why my layout is not how how it should be. the nav bar takes up most of the main doc. and i wanted my image to be in the centre and not that big

im a beginner go easy on me


For your navbar problem you can try to play with padding.
Also you have multiple section elements but you never close them.

and you can remove the script element on codepen, i think.

The script tag needs to be there for the test suite.

@Lovi as mentioned, you have some syntax errors. On the upper right of the HTML and CSS panels are dropdown menus where you can analyse your code. You often miss the closing </section> tag and you have two extra </div> tags at the end in your HTML, and a missing curly brace } and some spelling errors in you CSS.

To address your layout problem, I’d start with

#main-doc {
  margin-left: 300px

… to make it visible, so it’s not behind the nav.

As for the image, I’m not sure what you’re trying to achieve. If you want it to be smaller, you can reduce the width of the container.

On my end i can see a duplicated test suite, that’s why I said he doesn’t need it on his code.
Don’t you have it embed when you use the template?

Yes you’re right, I hadn’t even thought about checking in the settings what’s already in the head.

Thank you for responding i really appreciate it. I managed to fix it

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