Please help me out with errors using bitcoinlib

My name is Ibrahim i am from Nigeria.
My question is how can i run my bitcoin coding file in pycharm or how can i view my bitcoin programming app in pycharm
please help me out
my python file i named it
when i used this command on my pycharm terminal: bitcoinlib run
it will bring somes error out of command and when i click run icon it is bringing we that file direction eg user/wallet finished
that mean i have no error in my coding please help me out
i use all this library to create the bictcoin wallet but i don’t know how to run it:

import json
import random
from itertools import groupby
from operator import itemgetter
import numpy as np
import pickle
from bitcoinlib.db import *
from bitcoinlib.encoding import *
from bitcoinlib.keys import Address, BKeyError, HDKey, check_network_and_key, path_expand
from bitcoinlib.mnemonic import Mnemonic
from bitcoinlib.networks import Network
from bitcoinlib.values import Value, value_to_satoshi
from import Service
from bitcoinlib.transactions import Input, Output, Transaction, get_unlocking_script_type
from bitcoinlib.scripts import Script
from sqlalchemy import func, or_

thanks for your repond
kinds of regards

please which modulus will i import

Sir only the library that I pasted here
I define each function
I write more than four thousand codes.
What I need from you is to tell me how can I run my bitcoin wallet app.
Thanks for concerned

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