Please help me pick a name

I wasn’t sure where to put this, so if it is in the wrong section please move it.

I haven’t been on Free Code Camp much recently, partly because of other responsibilities, and partly because the time I did have was spent working on graphics for my portfolio page.

The hardest part for the portfolio has been coming up with a name other than just my regular name. I finally thought of something that I really like, but I’d like some input on which version is best. Thanks! :grin:

  • The Codemaker
  • Homemaker Codemaker
  • Tess the Codemaker
  • Codemaker Homemaker

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Tessellator or Tess-elated.

What kind of stuff do you build or make? Its hard to determine what name is best without some context. I personally used my screenname/Github handle for most stuff like that, although I don’t really have a functional portfolio anymore.

-4trio19 :pineapple:

There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things.
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Assuming your asking for help on what you want your “username” to be for social media platforms I usually believe keeping it simple is better. No one wants a longer username that’s either hard to spell or hard to type!

I also usually recommend keeping your actual name as part of your username if you plan to use this professionally (or at least partially). This way its easier to link up with your actual name for stuff like resumes and LinkedIn.

As such I vote for Tess the Codemaker, assuming it isn’t already taken haha.


i think its the right place

What is your ultimate goal? Do you want to be a code maker or a homemaker? Sure you can be both, but what is the main focus and if you are looking to get hired, what do you want to convey to the future employers?

The Codemaker :wink:

Thanks for the topic dudes!