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You will need to use the string concatenation operator + to build a new string, using the provided variables: myNoun , myAdjective , myVerb , and myAdverb . You will then assign the formed string to the wordBlanks variable. You should not change the words assigned to the variables.
my code
const wordBlanks = “My” +myNoun+ “which is”+myAdjective+ “,can” +myVerb+ “so ,” +myAdverb;

It’s just like making a normal sentence. Note:- before you start coding, think of what you want your result to be.
And also, try adding space to you string for readability.
"The " + myNoun + " is " + myAdjective + “.”;

Yes, what @Ezeji says.

You can also make it clear what is happening by putting:


at the bottom of your code. That will show you in the console the string you are creating and should make it easier to see what the problem is.