Please help me to solve this code es6

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const s = [5, 7, 2];
function editInPlace(a, b, c) {
// Only change code below this line
s = editInPlace[a, b, c];
// Using s = [2, 5, 7] would be invalid
return s;
// Only change code above this line
editInPlace(2, 5, 7);

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Challenge: Mutate an Array Declared with const

Link to the challenge:

For this challenge you will have to access each index in the array and set its value as specified. Here’s how to access an index in an array:
arrayName[index], you can then set this to a value of your choosing like so:
arrayName[index] = value

this is something inorrect, we dont need it
This step is about using indexes.
Lets say I have this array

const arr = ['a', 'b']

One way to switch a and b will be:

arr[0] = 'b'
arr[1] = 'a'

Also you dont need to return anything here.

You function when called will simply do the job with s.

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