Please help me, why Under >10 , i see input under

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function testGreaterThan(val) {
if (val >100) {  // Change this line
  return "Over 100";

if (val >10) {  // Change this line
  return "Over 10";

return "10 or Under";

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Challenge: Comparison with the Greater Than Operator

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I’m not sure what you mean. Can you please elaborate?

I do not understand how to check the result, it seems to me that it outputs the value = Under

Your code is correct and will pass the tests if you click on “Run the tests”.

Maybe you are confused about why there is return "10 or Under"; under the rest of the code without any conditionals and checks. The reason is that if the code execution reaches this last line of the code, we can be sure that val is equal to or less than 10, otherwise one of the previous conditionals would have turned true and the code had returned early.

By writing:

console.log( testGreaterThan(10) );

Yes, good, thanks, I figured it out a little bit

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