Please help me with my Tribute Page project

So I’ve been working on the Tribute Page and i’ve finished every user story, however the 7th and 8th user stories seem to be having a bug, and even when everything is correct it wont work, you can come to my codepen to test it out yourself:

( danielyy/pen/gymqga )

If anyone can help me I would appreciate it alot.

Also the danielyy/pen/gymqga is the last characters to my codepen, all feedback is appreciated.

Hi, I didn’t try to fix it but your link is not going to an external site. It is an empty string. The answer to the responsive image is in the second challenge under responsive design. I had the same issue.

I’ve changed it and it’s still not working.

I think the are looking for media queries. You are free to look at mine. michanne303/pen/VNbYzd
You don’t have an id assigned to the link.

Nope, I tried using your media query just to test it to see if that was the problem, it isn’t so I deleted it.

@danielyyy, re-read why you’re failing the 7th user story. It’s asking for an anchor element with an id of tribute-link. Is an h3 element an anchor element?

Just an aside, codepen provides you with a way to validate HTML, CSS and JS. Click the arrow in the upper right and then click on the respective ‘Analyze’ link. You have a lot of things in HTML that you should think about cleaning up.
Don’t rely on <br>, use CSS to add spacing. An id can/should only be used once.
Don’t use <style> in HTML…you have CSS for that.

I would suggest going over the css challenges again and then trying again. Best of luck.