Please help me with user story 9 for tribute page

User story#9 is not working out for me. Any advice

That pen is empty, make sure to save your work. Also, please don’t put links in the thread title, they’re not clickable.

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Hi @eliaselhaddad !

Welcome to the forum!

I have edited the title of your post to include a more descriptive title.
Please avoid placing links in the title since we can’t click on them.

For user story 9, you are still missing the margin property to help center it.

Once you fix that issue, then you just have to focus on the other two failing tests.

Edit: I didn’t realize there was someone else asking for help on their project.

@dadi94230 please create your own post with your codepen link and people can assist you there instead of in this post.

You have two elements with the id tribute-info, but no element with the id tribute-link.

The link should have id=“tribute-link” instead of id=“tribute-info”
then add margin: auto; to the #image

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