Please help review my Portfolio project

Review my portfolio page.

I moved your question to it’s own topic, since you were seeking advice on your own project and not providing any feedback on the other thread.

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Thank you. I am new here. I will make sure from next time that I am posting in proper thread.

Looks good.

But I’d suggest do a spell and grammar check.

I am Freelance Web Developer based in Hyderabad, India

I am a gradute in Computer Science Engneering

I write website using HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, Bootstrap and can work with CMS like Wordpress

Looks pretty good, but yeah you need to proofread the text in your “About Me” section, the recommendations by @owel are spot on.

Other than that, good job keeping the site primarily CSS and HTML. I’ve been seeing lots of other portfolio sites that go waaay above and beyond with tons of Javascript or jQuery (even the sample portfolio on FCC seems a little out of scope!)

Quick question, are those sample sites really yours? You should link to pens with those sites so we can see some of your other work :+1:

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Thank you @owel
I have made the necessary corrections.

Thank you @rmarti55

I have made the necessary changes to the About Me section.

Yes- those site are coded by me.

I have added the SocialLoop and Spectrum codes on codepen. Please review and give feedback.