Please help .thanks

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var ourDecimal = 5.7;

// Only change code below this line
myDecimal = 4.6;

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Hi @quantran, that’s correct, but take a close look at how you’re declaring the variable myDecimal.

thanks Nicknish,
You said that’s correct, but systems said it was wrong.
i do nt know why,
Can you help me to write a right answer.

Hi @quantran Can you post the latest complete code you ran the tests on, so we can see what the problem might be?

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Hi @quantran! Sorry, I should have been more clear: the challenge asks to “create a new variable”.

Check to make sure that you’re correctly creating the variable, myDecimal.

Thanks, but i need create Decimal Numbers with JavaScript.

var ourDecimal = 5.7;

// Only change code below this line

my answer was wrong, can you help me with right answer. Thanks

The instructions state “Create a variable myDecimal and give it a decimal value with a fractional part (e.g. 5.7).”

I do not see where you created the variable described above and given it a decimal value. All you did was write a decimal value on a line.

Hint: Make sure you declare the variable. If you are not sure how to declare a variable, I suggest going back the following lesson.

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Thank you so much. i have done as your advice.