PLease help trouble with live server

So live server is giving a ton of trouble it isn’t live updating as I make changes or showing the imagines I checked my code it is fine. I have no idea how to fix it I have tried uninstalling I have changed the default browsers. I am frustrated and about to give up.

Have you got auto save on in vs code?

I will try that! I didn’t know you could do so I don’t know if it is or not let me check

it should work with auto save on mate.

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it did not but I just read to down load debugger for chrome I dk

It is now showing changes live but not the photo thank you for getting me half way there

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so after all this I figured out that first issue was the chrome default but I also needed to down load the chrome debugger and than I needed auto save and the issue with the image, The third issue was I was copying link address when I need need copy the imagine address.