Please help troubleshoot my single page app

I been working on this donut ordering app.
Whenever I click the “Chocolate” batter, then under Topping click “None”,
the picture of the donut reverts to the “Regular” batter pic.
Even though when I console.log the file to show, it says it is going to show the chocolate image.
Been stuck for hours and at a loss. If someone could take a few minutes to review my code and show me where I am going wrong, I would certainly appreciate it.
Thanks so much.

After I’ve done the steps outlined, two img tags appear, one on top of the other. So, your console.log is correct and the chocolate image is shown, but why the other image is appearing above it?


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Thanks for responding earlier this month, ghukahr.
The duplicate was due to hard-coding in my JSON code. Der.
Thanks again.