Please Help:Where do I learn DS and Algo the best way?

I am learning Web Development for past one year and have always been scared of DS and Algo . But as they’re essential for one to learn in overall Journey (concluded after reading discussions on FCC forum), I want to learn them at a beginner level and then advanced topics eventually.

I have started Data Structures Easy to Advanced Course on FCC.

  • All I wanted to ask is am I on the right track or if you have any advice to make it better and how do I learn to implement them in real projects.
  • Also, how advanced DS ALGO topics are asked in Web Developer interviews.

I don’t think there is a “best” way to learn them. You just start learning thing. As you learn a new algorithm, you add that to your quiver of skills and grow your “algorithm brain” just a little.

You just have to do a lot of them. My advice would be to just work on them a little each day and just keep getting better at them. Find meetups that address algorithms and “compete” with other devs to come up with a good algorithm. Read blogs, watch videos, find various sources.

I also highly recommend the book Cracking the Coding Interview. She does a good job talking about different algorithms.

Also, how advanced DS ALGO topics are asked in Web Developer interviews.

That really depends. Different positions have different requirements. Sometimes you get a few easy ones. Sometimes you get a really hard one. Sometimes they purposely give you a hard one just to see how you deal with stress. But there is no set rule.

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Thank you @kevinSmith for your advice :slightly_smiling_face:

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