Please help with a cost/time quote for (hopefully) my first web dev job


I’ve been talking with a fellow at a company I cold emailed offering my services, also explaining I’m still learning and have limited experience. He seems happy with my resume/portfolio so far and has asked me this:

How much would you charge to build from a design this 7 page wordpress site and how long do you think it would take?

I’ve only done a little Wordpress and I’ve told him so. But the site looks pretty static and I’m happy to tackle something similar, even if I have to put in far more hours than I quote.

I know the price would be country specific (I’m in Aus if that helps), but I’m guessing time would be fairly standard?

So can anyone give me advice on the time (and maybe price) to quote? As I said, I don’t mind overworking, but I want to give him a solid, reasonable quote that an established freelancer might give.

Many thanks,



I guess it would be difficult for any random person to assess how long you would take to do such a project.

A few things to consider might be:
Search local companies to find ballpark figures for basic webpage design.
Check online freelancing websites to get a feel for $ value vs project description.

Another thing to consider is your own skill level and whether or not you have greater skills than your competitors and what you have to offer technically. You will need to be able to asses your level competently to be able to justify rates to clients.

Identify your own costs towards completing the project and decide whether to charge fixed or hourly rates.

Freelancing work can be difficult to get going. Looks like you may be doing something right to get your first gig.
I think it is good that you have communicated the fact that you are just starting out. Although do not let anyone take advantage of you. Make sure you have a decent contract in place before you commence work.

Good luck and let us all know how it pans out.

Thanks a lot for the advice!

I did have a look around at local companies, but few of them advertise their prices.

I ended up offering a fairly low quote price-wise but fairly high time-wise. So all up the hourly rate would be quite low, but at the moment it’s more about getting the experience. But as you said I don’t want to be taken (too much) advantage of, so I’d be looking to up my rates fairly quickly in the future.

Just waiting to hear back now.

Thanks again.