Please help with data attributes

I have no idea why JS cannot understand the data-img attributes. It should be simple, but I’m missing something here. Please check codepen for the example

  1. The images come from the backend, so they are put inside “data-img” attribute.
  2. Js reads the data-img
    3 Js process it.

However, nothing happnes. Any clue?

Thank you!

What are you trying to accomplish?

I’m using the FileUploadWithPreview library to preview form images. In this particularly case, I want to preview already uploadED images. That’s why I’m feed data-img with the images from DB. So, I can use JS to read that, and use the presetFiles option from the library to show those images.

You can make it a comma-separated list of URLs and split it on the comma (lib docs).



It doesn’t work on Codepen.

Works just fine for me.

You are right. It worked!


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