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I am new to javascript, so I would need some help here [image]

As you can see below, the code is written in a way, that when there is a link, by clicking on it, the behavior is set to scrool down to the section that has certain ID.

However, I have one (or more) links (a href) on my webpage, that I do not want to inherit this behavior, but to work as an actual link - meaning redirect to different page within my website.

Any thoughts how I can achieve that, what other element do I have to write in the js?

Thank you in advance

// Smooth scrooling animation

const allLinks = document.querySelectorAll("a:link");

allLinks.forEach(function (link) {
  link.addEventListener("click", function (e) {
    const href = link.getAttribute("href");

    // Scroll back to top
    if (href === "#")
        top: 0,
        behavior: "smooth",

    // Scroll to other links
    if (href !== "#" && href.startsWith("#")) {
      const sectionEl = document.querySelector(href);
      sectionEl.scrollIntoView({ behavior: "smooth" });
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change your selector to avoid selecting the links you don’t want

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