Please help with my tribute page

please help with my code I don’t know what to do now

<script src=""></script>

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <meta charset="utf-8">
  <title id="title"> His Excellency Nelson Mandela</title>
  <body id="main">
    <h2>Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela</h2>
    <em>It always seems impossible until it's done</em> 
<div id="img-div">    
<figure id="img-caption">
    <img src='//' id="image" alt="Nelson Mandela" style="width:100%;>
    Nelson Mandela (top row, second from left) on the steps of Wits University.
     <h3> Personal Details of Dr Nelson R. Mandela</h3>
       <li><b>1918</b> Born in Mvezo, Eastern Cape, South Africa</li>
       <li><b>1930</b> At the age of 12 years old he become the ward of Jongintaba at the Great Place in Mqhekezweni. He attended primary school in Qunu where his teacher, Miss Mdingane, gave him the name Nelson, in accordance with the custom of giving all schoolchildren “Christian” names. He matriculated at Healdtown and began his BA degree at University of Fort Hare </li>
       <li><b>1941</b> He went to Johannesburg where he meant Walter Sisulu after he was expelled from University.</li>
       <li><b>1942</b> he joined ANC</li>
       <li><b>1943</b> He completed his BA through UNISA and went back to Fort Hare for his graduation</li>
       <li><b>1944</b> He helped to form the ANCYL and married his first wife Evelym Mase.</li>
       <li>In <b>1955</b> He was arrested and sent to prison for 27 years.</li>
       <li><b>1990</b> He was release from Prison</li>
     <li><b>1994</b> He bacame the first black president</li>
    <li><b>1999</b> He stepped down as the president of South Africa.</li>
    <li>On <b>5 December 2013</b> he died at his home in Johannesburg</li>
 <p><q>Madiba’s light shone so brightly, even from that narrow Robben Island cell, that in the late ‘70s he could inspire a young college student on the other side of the world to reexamine his own priorities, could make me consider the small role I might play in bending the arc of the world towards justice.</q> --Barack Obama</p>
    <p > You can read more about his biography <a href="" target="_blank">Click here</a></p>

I am not sure what you are asking^^
Or what is unclear to you in the description of this task?
Did you check out some solutions from others here in the forum?

I can’t get my code to pass, like I have a problem with putting IDs

You need to provide the code or link a codepen to your project, with only this picture, it cannot be done.
If you have problem on Id’s you can refer to your previous lessons

here is a link

I’ve edited your post for readability. When you enter a code block into a forum post, please precede it with a separate line of three backticks and follow it with a separate line of three backticks to make easier to read.

Note: Backticks are not single quotes.

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Always try to tell the exact error message you are trying to resolve.

I should see an element with a corresponding id="tribute-info", which contains textual content describing the subject of the tribute page

Create a p tag which describes the page and add this id, if you have problem on how to create Id’s, go through this lesson,

I should see an <a></a> element with a corresponding id="tribute-link", which links to an outside site that contains additional information about the subject of the tribute page. HINT: You must give your element an attribute of target and set it to “_blank” in order for your link to open in a new tab (i.e. target="_blank").

Create anchor tag with the above instruction

Your image should have a width relative to its parent, use max-width

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thanks I’m going to try this will let you know

Hey I did it thanks a lot

Great, Good luck :wink: