Please help with portofolio page - User story 10 not passing

I’ve set my welcome sections id to 100% of the vh but the test still is not passing.

Hi @jacobplw99 !

I have edited your post to remove the link from the title and place it in the body of your post.

Avoid placing links in the title, since we cannot click on them.

When I change the #welcome-section to 100vh it passes.

Okay, I see… Thank you so much :pray:

I still cant see the link the the title that you are referring to…

Your original post was this.
Screen Shot 2021-07-04 at 10.53.08 PM

But we cannot click on links when you put them in the title.

So I changed the title to something more descriptive so people know how to help you.

ohh right, okay thank you… Yeah it’s still not passing for some reason.

I found the issue.

First off, I would format your code.
It will make it easier to find these issues.
Screen Shot 2021-07-04 at 11.15.16 PM

You wrote, #welcome-section twice in your css.
Delete the second one at the bottom.

Once you delete that duplicate, then I would suggest looking at this stackoverflow post.

You should read the 2nd answer made in that post.
The first sentence of Anukul Limpanasil’s response is the answer you are looking for which is what I was suggesting earlier.

Hope that helps!

okay its working now… Thank you so much!

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