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Hi, on the “exercise tracker project” I am totally lost , I have tried different ways , different code , after 15 hours of struggling , searching forums and even doing the unthinkable , Yes I even copied other code to test and see if others code works,yet this test fails every time, so now I am at a loss am I doing something wrong , maybe in setup or is everybody’s code wrong, can some one maybe explain is there something I need to do beofre looking at doing the code in the “server.js file” am i supposed to setup a DB and then something else , is this preset and just do the codeing part , or change/add files please give a hint as to the process to follow beofre the “server.js” coding takes place, I am lost as to proceedure before code , please point me in the right direction .
I am not asking for the code just how to setup everything on glitch before the codeing or am I just supposed to do the code side on the “server.js” file.

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No code as nothing is working, just need to get help with the setup or proceedure to get to the actual code part ,

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