Please help with Product Landing Page - Alignment and Borders


I’m a little stuck and was hoping for some help getting certain items aligned on my Product Landing Page.

My issue is I would like the unordered lists and the rest of the text on my product offer samples to be aligned and centered. Also, I would like a black border around each offer.

Here’s my page:

I have passed the user story tests but would like to fix this issue before I submit the page.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi there!

It looks like your unordered lists had default left padding of 40px. (I found that by using the “inspect element” tool in my browser. Here’s a good tutorial on using that if you’re interested: When I added this code to your CSS it seemed to center all the text within the product offer divs:

.buy-package ul {
  padding: 0px;

For the border, I see that you have “border” and “border-radius” properties set for the buy-package class, but you need to set the “border-style” property for either of those to apply (more info on that here:

I hope this helps!

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