Please help with the #email code

it says: Your #email should have a type of email .
I think that it is correct. the other sections pass ok. I dont get what I am missing. Or doing wrong

<label for="email" id="email-label">Email</label>
  <input id="email" type"email" required placeholder="enter your email"/>

Your code so far

/* file: index.html */
<div class="main">
<h1 id="title">Psychology Survey Form</h1>
<p id="description">
 Thank you for your time.
 <div class="main-content">
   <div class="form-content">
     <form id="survey-form">
 <label for="name" id="name-label">Name</label>
 <input id="name" type"text" required placeholder="enter your name"/>

<label for="email" id="email-label">Email</label>
 <input id="email" type"email" required placeholder="enter your email"/>

<label for="number" id="number-label">Age</label>
 <input id="number" type="number" min="1" max="100" required placeholder="Age"/>

 <label for="dropdown">How do you rate our service?</label>
 <select id="dropdown">
   <option value="amazing">Amazing</option>
   <option value="great">Great</option>
   <option value="normal">Normal</option>
   <option value="bad">Bad</option>
   <option value="horrible">Horrible</option>
   <legend>would you recommend us to your friends?</legend>
       <input type="radio" name="recommend" checked id="yes" value="Yes" /><label for="yes">Yes</label><br />
       <input type="radio" name="recommend" id="maybe" value="maybe" /><label for="maybe">maybe</label><br />
       <input type="radio" name="recommend" id="no" value="no" /><label for="no">No</label><br />
     <p>How can we improve our services?</p>
<input type="checkbox" id="ability" name="ability" value="ability">
<label for="ability">Ability</label><br>
<input type="checkbox" id="attention" name="attention" value="attention">
<label for="attention">Attention</label><br>
<input type="checkbox" id="decoration" name="decoration" value="decoration">
<label for="decoration">Decoration</label><br>

<label for="comments">Doyou have any more comments?</label>
<textarea rows="4" cols="50" id="comment">Comment Section</textarea> 

<button type="submit" id="submit">Submit</button>

/* file: styles.css */
body {
font-family:"Lato", "Lucida Grande","Lucida Sans Unicode", Tahoma, Sans-Serif; 

.main {
 background-image: url(
 position: fixed;
 top: 0;
 left: 0;
 bottom: 0;
 right: 0;
 color: #ffffff;
 overflow-y: scroll;
 font-size: 24px;
.main> h1,
.main> p {
font-family: 35px;
position: relative;

.main::after {
content: "";
background-color: rgb(0,0,0,.8);
position: fixed;
top: 0;
left: 0;
bottom: 0;
right: 0;

.main-contet {
background-color: rgb(27, 27, 50, .9)
display: flex;
flex-direction: colum;
padding: 40px;
margin: 0 aunto;
margin-bottom: 40px;
border-radius: 5px;
z-index: 2;
position: relative;
box-shadow: 0px -1px 10px 5px purple;

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Challenge: Build a Survey Form

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You’re missing a =.

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Thanks for the help. that was the last part. :+1:

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