Please i need feedback of my first tribute page


I finished my first tribute page, i dont have any experience with coding, so i would be very happy if you leave a comment about design, code,etc…

Thank you guys,


Hi Luka,

I really like your tribute page! You chose a great subject - your tribute was very informative and well written. Code wise, everything looks good - I just have a few suggestions right off hand -some of which you may already know…

In Codepen, you can take everything within your style tag and put it in the css box next to your html box. You can then delete your now empty style tags in the html box. This is because Codepen will add the style tags automatically if its within the css box. You can see these if you inspect your source code in debug mode. That’s not the case in all code editors, but in codepen, it works well.

You can also put everything within the style = “…” on other tags into the css file as well - as an example:

p {

In your border styles you can also simplify your code by saying:

img {
border: white 5px solid;

As opposed to…

img {
border-color: white;
border-width: 5px;
border-style: solid;

As far as design, I like the cleanness of your page - and the border radius on your text box is a nice touch. Here’s a link to a site called Colorhunt where you can find more color schemes if you wish to experiment with them and see what you like:

I use this site all the time to decide on color schemes for all my projects. Just copy the provided hex codes (by that I mean the codes that look like this: #535A3B - but they could be any combination numbers and some letters - A through F ) Each unique combination makes a different color hue, as you’ll see on colorhunt.

Google Fonts is a great resource for adding some creative flair to your text - you can choose from lots of different fonts here and they’re super easy to use:

Just choose your desired font - then copy the link tag code to inside the head tag of your html - then in your css - add the font family wherever you want this font applied.

This would go inside the head tag in your html. Then in css you’d apply the Lato font like this:

font-family: ‘Lato’, sans-serif;

This could go in the styles for an h1 or p tag or something like that.

Hope this was helpful :slight_smile:
Have a great day!

Sincerely, Jessi

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Hi Luka, this looks great!

Only suggestion is to separate your CSS into a separate stylesheet. This is good practice for later projects.

Good luck!

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I will defenetly follow the advice…

@JessiW and @muchris thank you so much for your help i really appreciate it…

I dont have any experience with coding, so every opinions help me to reach the goal…become a developer.

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No problem Luka - you’re going great! Keep up the good work :slight_smile: - Jessi