Please I need help displaying only search contact cards on my address book app

This is the repo.

I would really appreciate anyone’s help.


you need to give some more information mate, problems? errors? sending the code repo aint gonna help us understand whats going on.

can your put some code up or even better put a test on codepen?

Thank you for your response.

So, I’m building an address book app that has a search bar.

The search bar is meant to search for and pull up, display only the names of the contacts in the address book, typed into it.

I have spent numerous hours trying to figure this out, still stuck.

This is the codepen link:

The search function I created is not just working.

ok mate il have a look

Okay mate…appreciate.

a lot of this code dont make sense mate how long you been using javascript mate?

I just started learning

yeah i thought so, it looks like your just trying to put bits and peaces of code together

So, where am I getting things wrong?

did you get some off a tutorial or something?

Not exactly. I applied some concepts from the tutorial.

good man best way to learn, anyway so you want when you search the name only that appears?

Yes. I want only the search contact to show and hide the rest.

yeah i get what i mean now mate il sort it for ya

Okay, thanks for your help.

Hey mate, sorted it?

I messed around with this for quite a few hours and couldn’t figure out why the found results were not displayed. I know you can do this with react mapping over an array of contacts. Share the link of the example you were looking at where they did what you wanted. Otherwise I can’t figure out why the DOM is not rendering the results properly. I plan to mess around with this idea trying to get it to work in react but I’m also studying so it won’t be light speed turn around time. Either way I’d be interesting in what you learn from this exercise if you figure out what went wrong.

Thank buddy for trying and reaching out. I still battle with getting the solution and so I’m writing the code from scratch again.

I’m also taking my time to study more on DOM manipulation.

I think that is the wise decision and where the problem is. I’m not an expert but from running console.log’s on the stuff I can tell the code finding the object but just not rendering it correctly.

maybe i can help with this problem