Please i need help on figuring out what i am missing on my code

please what are my missing on my code. i have cross checked i cant find my mistake

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function testSize(num) {
if (num < 5) {
return "Tiny"
} else if (num < 10) {
 return "Small"
} else if (num < 15) {
 return "Medium"
} else if (num < 20) {
 return "Large"
} else {
 return "Huge"

console.log(textSize (19));

/*Write chained if/else if statements to fulfill the following conditions:

num < 5 - return Tiny
num < 10 - return Small
num < 15 - return Medium
num < 20 - return Large
num >= 20 - return Huge
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Challenge: Chaining If Else Statements

Link to the challenge:

This is a typo. That could be your problem.

i have corrected it,nothing changed

You have defined a function testSize but you are calling the function textSize which is not defined in your code.

i have changed it to test, still the same

I just checked your code and it worked fine for me after fixing this line of code:

console.log(textSize (19));

could it be computer error???

Can you share your updated code here?

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