PLEASE I need some feed back on my first portfolio. TYou!

Hello FreeCodeCampers :slight_smile:

so it has been a little while now ( 2 weeks) since i began this challenge.
I have tried many things, but my lack of khnowledge YET made it hard for me. Epecially with javascript.

So here is my portfolio so far :

Please please tell me your most honest opinion.

And here are my question:

1 ) I dont khnow why there is a HORIZONTAL space showing the horizontal scroll bar.

2 ) There is a major problem with the "responsivness"of my “about me section” : On device mode, the “click” button + my pictures overflow the DIV .
That is why i added “overflow:scroll”. BUT, is there another solution plz and how?

3 ) I tried to use the Animate.css plugin. So I added it on the settings part.
I then chose to add the class " fadeInDown animate" to my first paragraph. BUT i had NO animation just a slight pop (no fading down!)

4 ) the <a target=’_blank’ on the Contact me section dont work. I cant open a new window.

5 ) Let me khnow about the design part plz. I dont khnow about the colors though. Any suggestions?

So for now, this is all i have. I really hope i can do better with time.

Thank you very much guys.
Good coding Y’all :slight_smile:

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Very nice so far. I tried to fix some of the problems:

I still don’t understand why there is some horizontal scrolling. I don’t like the doubled skills carousel. Projects would be more interesting in the carousel.

You were using a lot of inline styles which is not a good idea. Keep everything in your stylesheet. Also you are spelling width “widht” which is invalid, in these in-line styles.


Hello :slight_smile:
Thanks for responding. It means much.

-) For changing skills carousel and chaging Projects into carousel, i wanted to add that i did that before choosing finally to put them as image gallery. But i will cenrtainly reconsider it.
I might also make the projects div and container larger for bigger images.

-) For the inline styles. Yes you are right. I did that mistake ( that i will further correct too). But for now i m actually eager to begin the JS challenges. Hopefully i learn a lot!

-) For the width instead of widht ( hahaha) yes. I always get confused :stuck_out_tongue: Dont khnow why.

Anyway, thank you for your answer. :wink:

Hello to you :slight_smile:

Thank you as well for commenting :D!

-) Well All the links won’t work. I have changed the “herf” with “href” but still Nothing :\
I really want them to work.
If any one has the answer to that it would be so great.

Thank you very much!
Happy coding

I fixed your links in my forked version:

I’m assuming that the links aren’t working because you used a colon after href rather than an equals sign (i.e. it should be href="http://someurlhere.wherever" rather than href:"http://someurlhere.wherever". Also I noticed that the link to Github only points to the octocat logo, rather than to your actual GitHub profile.

As for design, I think that your page looks great!