Please I need your help here: Use Multiple Conditional (Ternary) Operators

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I don’t really know how to go about this

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function checkSign(num) {
    return 10 == 10 ? "POSITIVE" : 10 < 0 ? "NEGETIVE" :  "ZERO";
    return -12 == -12 ? "NEGETIVE" : -12 > 0 ? "POSITIVE" : "ZERO";
    return 0 == 0 ? "ZERO" : 0 > 0 ? "POSITIVE" : "NEGETIVE";



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You are returning multiple operations, that’s not how you go about it. First try to solve the problem using regular if else statement block. When you do, try tu re-write your logic using the ternary operator, take a good look at the example showed in the challenge.

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Think of it like this…

if true, return this, else return that.

to expand to multiple, if true, return this, else if nextThingTrue return that, else return otherthing

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Once you have the logic straightened out, you will also need to change the strings you are using. The tests are looking for “positive”, “negative” (check your spelling!) and “zero” and are case-sensitive. :+1:

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Thank’s to you all I got it know
I really appreciate your help…