Please i want someone to suggest for me a hosting site where i can host my project demo, for test

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Challenge: How to Use package.json, the Core of Any Node.js Project or npm Package

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There are a so many options for hosting solutions and providers.

You must be a little more specific than that. :slight_smile:
What king of project are you trying to host. What tech stack? Storage? …etc…etc

Lots of possibilities in the market. There’s plenty of choice, some of which luckily even comes with free options.

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i started freeCodeCamp Backend course, the course require a link to the working project demo to pass.
so i need somewhere to host my solution, these was they script:
" When you are done, make sure a working demo of your project is hosted somewhere public. Then submit the URL to it in the Solution Link field. Optionally, also submit a link to your project’s source code in the GitHub Link field."
thank you

How about replit and then clone their starter project?

sorry, i am not use to Github can i use Github repo link in Solution link.
my own Github repo link.
thank you

You need a live working solution.
The Github link will simply show your source code.

You can run a node backend server on a lot of different platforms, but honestly it will just increase complexity.
Since you are just starting my advice is to use replit as they will instrument and run the app for you when needed.

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sorry please.
i want to know how to replit
thank you

Use the starter project

Then submit the URL from the preview window on the right side (not the browser address bar URL).

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sorry but i cant find the link.
there is only invite button by the right side
thank you

What link? The one you use for the submission?

Clicking the Run button at the top will open a preview window on the right side. That has the link (it has its own address bar) you submit.


thank you finally it works
thank you

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