Please let me donate money without collecting my data

Freecodecamp is the best Developer course anywhere on the internet. Thank you for making this, I am your biggest fan.

I went to sign up for the monthly donation of $ 5 which I am more than happy to pay. Then I was asked for my private address? Why? Then my phone number? Why?

Please make an option to donate our money without handing over our private data.

$5 is the perfect price point. You really nailed it and I am eager to start contributing.

Payment systems often require your address as part of the process to validate that you are authorized to use the card.

I use my credit card all the time without divulging these data, and certainly not my phone number which has nothing to do with verifying my credit card.

I would issue a complaint to PayPal if you believe they are incorrectly managing payment information.

If you use bitcoin or other third party money places you could do them from there without info I personally use butcoin.

If you participate in Crypto, you can donate that way:

I may be wrong, but I think I remember using PayPal payment without giving them my number, address …and all my wedding photos (kidding).

Are you sure this is PayPal requiring this and not how this particular payment form was setup? I have used PayPal for this several years ago myself.

I regularly use PayPay. They always ask for my billing address. If you think they are somehow being unethical by asking for your billing address, they are the people to complain to, not us.

There’s a way to use BitCoin?? I totally overlooked that. Let me try again. Thanks!
Freecodecamp is the best thing since sliced bread. Years of trying to learn how to code is suddenly moving forward rapidly. Couldn’t be more excited.

The relevant data has been shared, so I am closing this topic as solved.