Please let me know what you think about my Technical Documentation Page

I have just done Version 23 of my Technical Documentation Page. Please let me know what you think about it. Thanks for any help.

Version 24 is up. I removed the background color from the Flutter Documentation heading on both the large screen and small screen versions. I also made the entire link space clickable.

Version 25 is up!

I added hover effects on the left menu and I also added the highlighting effect that someone on Reddit suggested that keeps track of where you are on the page. It’s not working perfectly and I had to change the names of the first two items on the left menu because I could not get jQuery to work with question mark inputs. I also wanted to make the the menu and the content scroll in unison, but could not achieve it without adding a bunch of Javascript like shown on this CSS-Tricks article. I would like to submit this soon, so I did not add that.

Is this version good enough to be submitted?

I think the layout looks pretty good- but what specific area of the page do you need help with?

Thank you for comment.

Do you think I could submit Version 25 as it currently is, or should I try to make both the navigation menu and the content side move in unison?

Don’t think making both the navigation menu and its content move in unison is a requirement. I think you have applied user story 10 - 14 for the navbar. So try submitting and see if you have met all requirements. This feedback is for version 23 not version 25. So sorry - didn’t know you were referring to version 25.

Version 30 is up! I was able to fix the scrolling issue and resized the navigation menu to eliminate the horizontal scrolling that was happening when the links’ background color changed. I modified the hover effect for the navigation menu links. I also added more comments and changed the name of one of the items to make it more understandable.

I am thinking of submitting this one. What do you think? Thanks again.

Btw, I don’t really know jQuery or Javascript, so I had to Google, CodePen, JSFiddle, and Stack Overflow the heck out of this.

Version 31 is up! I changed the scrollbar for the navigation links to auto. I also changed the color of the scrollbars for the navigation links and the main content.

Should I submit this, or do you think version 30, with just an auto scrollbar for the links, would be better?

Thanks for any suggestions.

I ended up submitting Version 32 and deleted all of the previous versions, except Version 1, because I mentioned it in a different post.

Now one more project to go to get the Responsive Web Design Certification!