Please let me know what you think about my Tribute Page. Thanks in advance!

Well, this was harder than i thought, but a lot of fun. I am sure there are many things i need to improve so give me some feedbackđź‘Ś

Looks pretty good! Here are few suggestions.

I would make your green stars and sub-title smaller.
Hovering over Wikipedia entry at certain screen widths push the line down and make it two lines. I wouldn’t increase its size on hover.

Good job. :clap:

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Awesome! Thank you so much man, I apreciate it

You welcome. Keep up the good work :tada:

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Awesome job! I only saw one objective matter.

In your body, you misspelled Montserrat. This changes the look of your page considerably.

Excellent work though!

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Great! I really needed that one, thank you so much!

This is great! I love the color scheme and font. I would add some line-height between the sentences in the paragraph. Also, more vertical spacing between the paragraphs and sections in the mobile view. Everything seems to run together making it hard to read. Otherwise, very pleasing visually.

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Thanks DL!
That made it so much better🙏

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I am completely new to HTML / CSS, and I am looking at other tribute pages. This one is good.


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Thanks Russel, it is nice to hear that. I am also new to this so it feels amazing to have finally created something.
Good luck with your page also, i am sure it will be great!