Please pay visit to my Portfolio page

Hi there fellow coders,
I am on my way through the freeCodeCamp courses and I would really appreciate, if you could have a look at the portfolio page, that I built with the first course, or at any one of the projects I listed there. Is there perhaps some glaring opportunity for a simple improvement?

Portfolio Page

When I look at the first projects, I can think of many enhancement options, but I debate if it is a good choice to go back and improve those projects. What do you think, should I go back to those early projects to make them more appealing, or should I continue with the courses and let them stand as signs of my progress?

Thank you for your feedback!

Congratulations! Your portfolio is looking good and pretty responsive. Here are some suggestions for improvement:

  1. I think the welcome section is taking up too much space. Consider reducing the top margin and padding.
  2. The font size could be a little bigger on small screens.
  3. How about using different background colors for each section? You can use a color palette generator if necessary.
  4. The contact section is too large. Try lowering the height value.

By the way, I don’t like to go back to old projects to make improvements. I’d rather to move forward and make a new project to make it better. That’s the way Nintendo works.

You can easily get stucked messing with old projects, walking in circles. Let’s move forward and make the next one better!

Thank you very much for your feedback! I will increase the font size and look into tinkering with the background colors.

I am conflicted about the (too big) size of the welcome and contact sections. I really see your point, but it is also pretty much a design choice (to replicate the example from the course. I want to do something about it, but want to uphold that both sections fill the whole screen. Perhaps I will fill both with more content?

Yeah, I completely agree with your opinion on how to handle older projects. Better to move on than get stuck :slight_smile: !

You can try to fill the space with more content, bigger font, or by increasing the space between letters, words and lines. You can also use some kind of gradient, pattern, texture or minimalist image as a background. Your design give me a retro vibe, maybe you can use something pixelart-ish.

I did go back to this portfolio page a bit and did some tinkering. I think the site is doing, what it is supposed to do. I know that it’s not looking very professional, but in time I can build a new more universal portfolio page from scratch.

If someone wants to chime in for opinions or simple improvements for this page or one of my other projects I would still love to hear it!