Please provide feedback for survey form. Thanks!

This is my 1st project, I have a lot of trouble with “original design”. I try not to copy code or design as much as possible, which is, what I feel, is one of my biggest setbacks. (not being creative enough). But nonetheless, here I am, any critique would be help full, I take constructive criticism very well. Thanks in advance!

Hi @mikefinn04 !
Nice work. Your page looks good but it’s not responsive so it doesn’t works on mobile screen .Also try adding fonts from google etc. The background idea is really good. Other things will come up with time.

I removed the link from the title of your post.
Please avoid placing links in the title since we cannot click on them.


OK, noted. Thank you, I wasn’t sure if I should provide the link there or in my description.

Thank you. I’m still working on making my code more responsive, I feel what holds me back is the actual design aspect. But I will try to work on more responsive code. Thanks for the feedback.

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