Please provide feedback for survey form. Thanks! :)

Check this out my survey form project. And give me the feedback about the design and the code. I want to know my mistakes.


Hi @adeelch30ty !

I created a new post for you.

When asking for feedback on your projects it is best to create your own topic instead of posting in someone else’s.

Thanks! :grinning:

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Hi @adeelch30ty !

I think your page looks good.

You have a small error in your css.
Run your code through the codepen analyzer.

You misspelled the placeholder text for the word email.

placeholder="Enter Your Emai"

One optional suggestion.
You might consider changing the placeholder text to mimic what the user is supposed to type into the input field.

Its cuts down on the repetition of Name, Enter your Name or Email, Enter your email.

Hope that helps!


I’ve noticed that a lot of people use owerflow-x:hidden; in the body

It appears that browsers that parse the <meta name="viewport"> tag simply ignore overflow attributes on the html and body tags.
Creating a site wrapper div inside the <body> and applying the overflow-x:hidden to the wrapper instead of the <body> or <html>
will work
You may also need to add position: relative to the wrapper div.

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No overflow property also work on <body>. But I am not sure about <html>. I have seen overflow-x: hidden; property on many websites even a website created with WordPress also have this property on the <body> tag.


I red it in here it`s a good artical:

Opting for overflow-x: hidden in the body is like putting on a bandage without addressing the problem. If you have overflow, then it’s better to solve the root issue.

Overflow Issues In CSS — Smashing Magazine

Looks good, is responsive. Well done that man. Quite similar to my own survey form, not to toot my own horn. The only thing I personally would add is a hover effect for the submit button to make it obvious when hovering over it.


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